Defending your rights, securing your freedom
Managing partner at «Voichenko and Dulskyi Attorneys at Law», a law firm ranking among the TOP-5 law firms within bar association in Ukraine.
My speciality is unusual remedies.
Legal defence against criminal prosecution in Ukraine and within the EU
Procedural defence at the European Court of Human Rights
Business advocacy
Аlternative dispute resolution
Legal Advising for bargaining, delicate negotiations.
Your opponent will be forced to play by our rules. Because we know which way the wind blows.

Together we'll go with the winning strategy, because we do hold responsibility for it.

We adhere honesty with our clients, and comply with our commitments.
Only facts constitute guilt. Not ideology, prejudice or cliche.

Each and every single case is important and special. We are together with our clients along the road to victory, because we do know all the inns-and-outs. We're doing our job well.
Winning in Ukrainian court for more than 12 years.

After my graduation, I opted for legal practice at a firm with wide range of cases - civil and criminal, thefts, robbery, DUI, traffic accidents, substance abuse, illegal drug possession, kidnapping, assaults etc. We took on cases nobody would - and repelled. It was the variety of cases at the time that built solid professional experience as a lawyer.



Everybody struggles with time management. I know how to make the time work for my client».
Started practicing law at a Kyiv based law firm, while studying at university.
Received a Master's degree in Law from the KROK University of Economics and Law

Obtained a certificate of the right to practice law.

Practiced as a court-appointed lawyer, providing legal assistance to people
who could not afford defence attorney services.
Started a law firm together with partner and lawyer Serhiy VOICHENKO.
Member of the Kyiv
City Bar Association.
Received the honorary award from the Ukrainian National Bar Association.

Certified expert for lawyer proficiency enhancement in Ukraine.

Non-stop self development, new skills, and complex legal experience - that is what constitutes a great lawyer. Opposed to a regular counsel».
Chair of the Committee on Approximation of the Ukrainian Bar System to the European legal standards.
Awarded with Ukraine National Bar Association Honorary distinction.

Ordered as Outstanding Lawyer of Ukraine.
Vocational training in Germany, Spain, France, Turkey. Mastered specifics of legal systems on human rights.

Post-graduate course in Law at the National Academy of Internal Affairs.
Completed special ed courses in Israel and UAE.
Therefore defending their rights and freedoms in Ukraine and abroad, as well as at the European Court of Human Right (Strasbourg Court), became part of my legal practice.
As such, I have acquired additional education courses abroad, in EU and Middle East countries. This has also resulted in building strong work and social relationships worldwide.
Ukrainian citizens require legal defence not only in their home country, but abroad - in European countries in particular, where millions of Ukrainians work and reside.

Today 'Voichenko and Dulskyi Attorneys at Law' cooperates extensively with the world's best attorneys and law firms, including those of TOP-10 law firms in the world. Thuswise we provide excellent legal services for our clients in Ukraine and abroad.

Pursuance of justice and strong commitment are the key aspects of my personality. That's the reason I became a lawyer in a first place, and working hard to defend human rights every single day».
I was born in Ukraine, town of Smila in Cherkassy region. My mother worked as librarian at the Smila College of Food Technologies, and my father worked as a testing engineer at the Orizon plant.
As a child I had a knack for STEM subjects at school. Passion for mathematics elevated my ability to meet the challenges applying various strategies and methods. It also developed strong abilities to anticipate, think several moves ahead, and hedge the risks.
Football was my great sports passion for many years now. I believe it was the football game that taught me the importance of a team play and team lead.
In 2015 in partnership with Serhii VOICHENKO we started a law firm on extremely competitive market. Therefore we have defined our priority in legal business - taking on toxic cases nobody would. Today we work with high-profile political lawsuits, intricate criminal cases, and legal defence in the European Court of Human Rights.

I'm grateful to my family, my parents, for raising me with understanding the core values - we can not always do what we want, both in business, and in life».
2 Hrestoviy Lane
SAPPHIRE Business Center
Kyiv, Ukraine
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